Lung Transplant Treatment

lung transplant

Lung Transplant

Lung transplant is a complicated yet life saving surgical procedure where diseased (lung functions are destroyed) or failing lung is replaced with a healthy lung(s) from a cadaver donor. Lung transplant can treat the following conditions and disease

COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease)-damaged lungs due to numerous conditions)  cystic fibrosis-an inherited disease due to a defective gene- lungs, pancreas and intestines are clogged with thick mucus  pulmonary hypertension- high blood pressure in the blood vessels linked with lungs and heart oxygen supply  bronchiectasis- inflammation of membranes lining up bronchial tubes Depending upon the patient condition and diagnosis doctors may proscribe transplant from the following: Single lung transplant- one of the diseased or damaged lungs is replaced with a healthy one Double lung transplant- both of the diseased or damaged lungs are replaced with healthy ones Heart-Lung transplant- diseased or damaged heart and lungs are removed and replaced with donor organs

Lung Transplant

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