Bone Marrow Transplant Treatment

Bone Marrow

Bone Marrow Transplant

Bone marrow performs a vital role in the human body by creating different components of blood: red blood cells (essential for carrying oxygen to bodily tissues), white blood cells (essential part of body’s defense against infection) and platelets (essential for blood clotting).

Bone Marrow transplant is a special medical procedure for patients with a damaged or destroyed bone marrow due to aplastic anaemia, leukaemia, lymphoma, myeloma, sickle cell anaemia, thalassaemia, chemotherapy and immunodeficiency. In this therapy healthy stem cells either from the patient (autologous transplant) or a person with a same or similar tissue type (allogeneic transplant) are infused with the patient body. Although the bone marrow transplant and blood transfusion may have similar procedure but stem cell transplant have its own significant risk factors associated with it

Bone Marrow Transplant

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